Friday, January 25, 2013

If they were in school

On my neighborhood, my eyes went to a group of small kids of 9 playing with woods. 10 minutes from then, the woods had been turned into a beautiful house. I asked what were they doing, and they say they are making their house. Then I asked them, don’t they have to go to their school? They say it is their holiday. This answer of theirs splashed me with a question, “Would they do the same if they were in school?”

What would they be doing if they were in school? Keeping some random guesses- attempting diverse excuses for not completing their assignments, mugging up dates of some great inventions, shaking their heads chanting “yes sir, yes sir” on every statement heard, being punished for feeling monotonous in classroom, jotting down mathematical answers or copying every statements from the white board be it true, false or list of expired information.

 Most important of all, undoubtedly they would be in the process of being educated if they were in school, in the highway of their brighter future, chained in the barriers of theories, mugging up the history with an assumption of achieving better tomorrow by destroying their today. They would be internalizing that they are student first and only then children’s; fighter of job in the future but never a human. Life is meant to survive with seriousness but never to explore with curiosity. There is no way sun goes round the moon or an apple ever flies to sky. If 1 person can do a work in 10 days, it takes 5 days for 2 people to do it, no matter how strong, genius or supermanly they are. They would believe that victory is not in being better but in beating their friends which is possible when they don’t help them; Being best is scoring highest in all subject, and being worst is being best in only one. Thinking out of the box is being mischievous; thinking with the book is pursuit of brilliance. And when the kids are in the examination hall, they can be sure; these three hours are stars of their life, since it will determine their impression in the market and forecast their future. Most important of all, what they are doing in their holiday, building up creative designs out of woods, is worthless and impossible at this age, they need to study 12 years more and become engineers to do what they are doing now.

From hairstyle, assignments, answers, geniuses and even uniqueness, every trait is meant to be the same to be upgraded, if not you are tagged failure and deserve trying one more year. Coz this system believes “The one who follows succeeds, the who takes new lead fails and is to be punished”
Invention, innovation, exploration have always been soul of civilization, the misfortune, our education, our fortune teller have been a parasite designed to discourage the unimaginable possibility of human imagination.

Would they do the same if they were in school? No sir, not the same but the same which we have been doing since years on our schools. They may call it education; I call it creativity execution, that is what happens in school
What if they were not in school? They would not be doing what they were taught to be done, but what came from within and meant to be done. 

Friday, November 30, 2012


An Indian saint met an old Chinese man of 90, very close to his death but was practicing hard to learn Japanese language. With amusement the Indian saint asked, “Close is the moment of your death why are you learning a new language which is not so easy”, he replied, “What has death to do with my learning, I shall be learning until I die, that is life”

One of the biggest secret of inner peace and happiness is PROGRESS..

 Human beings have this natural desire of being better, better than themselves. While human civilization have been fighting the war of inter competition there lay a tough battle of intra competition; the battle with our own self, the burning desire of being better, of being sharper and ambition of improvisation. The night I get the best sleep is the day I when I do most of my progress, learn something of my interest and move a step ahead on my dreams. There lies maximum dissatisfaction in job where people do the same work in the same routine in the same time from 10-5, there is dissatisfaction because there is no progress and so the desire of being better remains suppressed, this suppression creates eruption of dissatisfaction.

Progress for guitarist is learning a new chord, for a dancer it is learning a new step, for a academician it is developing a new theory, for a teacher it is increase in pass percentage, for a student it is completion of assignment and increase in grades, for an activist it is a stronger advocacy. Progress is simply being better than what we were, it is the creation of new me, a better me. 

Equation of progress-
Saunak+ 1 (progress)= Better Saunak; Better Saunak= Saunak with inner peace; Saunak with inner peace= Saunak.
i.e. Saunak + 1= Saunak

This addition of one unit of progress does not change our originality but simply enhances our quality. The journey of this one unit of progress, many times goes through the pathway of discomfort. We might have to spend the whole day to learn a new dance step or to practice a new guitar chord, even read whole night for good grades; but across this discomfort there lies extreme pleasure of being better. Some people hate the flight but enjoy the destination of Bangkok, whereas some other enjoy both the flight and the destination of Bangkok. The moment we learn to enjoy both the flight and the destination, progress becomes our daily routine and the routine of progress is the routine of excellence, mastery and the routine of happiness with inner peace. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warrior of Life

They laughed at his face
Took off his crown
Cut his hands
And shot him down

His blood was shattered
Soul horrified
Slash into pieces
Dead, No sign of life…

The end of the battle
Victory is laid
Dreams are crushed
The warriors dead

He had lost the battle
Was shame of his face
He woke up in Heaven
Desired for Hell!!!

(Warrior says)
Oo almighty, why am I here?
I deserve no good, send me to Hell
I am a loser, failure, couldn’t save my people’s life
I deserve no Heaven, it’s for warrior of life..

God Replies,
O my Son, you are the greatness guide
Inspiration to man kind
A True Warrior of Life

You lived your life with head a held high
Walked your race on a legendary ride
No matter you died, you fought your last breath...
We are proud of you son, you’re a warrior of life…

Failure is not when you fail to achieve
Failure is when you don’t even try
Winners are those, who score the Goal
But there is Greatness when you give all your soul

There are mistakes, and tears are shed
There are failures and regrets are made
There are misfortunes and fear is seen
It’s all because you are a human being.

Even Greatest of all have lost their fight
What matters the most
Is the courage to ignite..
There is nothing wrong in losing a game
Ask yourself, if you stood back again???

There was moment when you could have run
Run away and saved your life
Run apart and lived with joy
But voice of your heart, chose a different way
The way of excellence to continue to fight
The way of greatness to fight till the night
That way leads us to heaven my son
That choice makes you, true warrior of life…

At the end,
We are no same; we are from different walk of life
But the story belongs to all human kind
What common we have is the choice of our life
The choice of comfort or be warrior of life..

Not all warriors win the fight
But true warriors fight all the night
True warriors fight all the night...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When your HEART STARTS BEATING with DESPERATION, then only thing that can stop you is NOTHING…

When you are desperate about your mission. When you gaze focused on your dream. When you are determined to multiply your mileage, when your first priority bounces as the only priority, when you can commit to sacrifice any treasure or gather guts of accept any challenge to achieve your destiny,  when you feel abundance enthusiasm to pursue your goal, when you hear the sound of success calling your name, when your heart beat synchronizes with your vision, when you dream your dream both while you open and while you close your eyes and when you stop complaining about situation and start to move forward to transform your dreams into reality, then the only thing that can stop you is - "NOTHING…."
DESPERATION is a true energy of success. It is an inner INSPIRATION that creates momentum within the soul. But beware my friends, it is also a potential challenge, it takes your sleep away, kills your various daily routines, gets you into thundering risks, drowns your relations or academics, drives you into thousand failures, forces you to take short cuts, gets your hand into troubles, sometimes it even invites frustration and brings rain drop of regrets. Most important of all, desperation gives you a new life. Sometimes a New life of an optimistic soul, some other times a new life of depressed personality which you never wanted to be.
The major challenge is to continue desperation with optimism. Be it the desperation of getting high grades, or of driving a Mercedes, desperation of eating a chocolate or watching finals of Olympic, speaking out your words or updating facebook status, earning a million dollar or living with name and fame, travelling throughout the globe or  getting high position job, marrying an idol person, rocking a street concert, achieving your mission or desperation of highlighting your passion as career, be it desperation of ten years from now or desperation of now. When we are young, our young blood often demands short cuts to satisfy our desperation, this desire of short cut sometimes turns our pathway to immovable failure, some other times drowns us into frustration. The tragedy is when we are not able to tolerate the ever growing pressure of society and shift from our inner desire.
The ever existing challenge is sticking to your dream and being desperate about your desperation. The summation of desperation with long lasting optimism brings your dreams into reality, if not today then tomorrow. Inner Desperation is indeed an inner inspiration, a core treasure of motivation that donot let you permanently down, until you actually see your dreams in real. Continue to live your life with a mission or with an inner desire of achievement. And remember, When YOUR HEART STARTS BEATING with DESPERATION, OPTIMISM and STEPS forward, the only thing that can stop you is "NOTHING…"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Green MAN & Green WOMAN "All we need is a Magical CARD"

The answer is No. No, they don’t have wings, they do not have supernatural power, and they don’t have Green hair. But still the answer is YES, Yes people say they are Green Man. Woman. 

People say, they come and go. Come with desire and go with purity of environment.People say they are Green Man Woman because they have the Magical G. CARD- Green Commitments, Green Attitude, they REPLICATE Green Message, and they have Green DESIRES. They have a Team of Green Man. Woman, they say it is GREEN MAN. WOMAN   ARMY and this force of ARMY fight against Environment Enemies to purify our surrounding.

Why We Need Green Man. Woman?
We need fighters when we have enemies. And we need the army of Green Man. Woman because there are Environment Enemies.

Now the question is – WHAT ARE ENEMIES?
 As we close our eyes for 5 minutes and imagine present situation of Greenery in and around New Road or Putalisadak, what do we see? And the million dollar answer is- WE see NOTHING GREEN, all we see is pollutants (Green House Gases), pollution, week long tons of garbage’s, rubbish plastics, tree less streets and summarizing all- we see ENEMIES.
In the context of Global scenario, our climate is changing every moment, the world is warming every second- and the consequences are droughts, sea level rise, change in rain pattern, hurricane, Melting of Glaciers,  and more over degradation of our quality of life- All because of ENEMIES, the Environment Enemies       And like in Hollywood we need Heroes to fight back with these Enemies; we need the army of Green Man. Woman to purify these enemies

The arm force of Green Man. Woman is increasing everyday; moment after moment, and they are now in many corners of Kathmandu, purifying the environment. They walk in their JUTE SACK dress which reflects the message of using JUTE bag instead of Plastics with Green Colored face, they walk by foot most of the time whereas sometimes on their cycle.   They are found engaged in innovative and crazy activities to aware people. They sometime gift people with JUTE bag sometimes clean the streets, and even advocate people become Green Man. Woman, they occasionally gift rubbish papers to those who throw it in the streets, they even greet cyclist with gifts, and they shout loud Greenery Slogans and sing songs in the streets to create environment friendly status. They use their energy to energize people become GREEN.

 How to Become Green MAN & WOMAN?
We don’t need supernatural power to become Green Man. Woman. All we need is a Magical CARD- Commitment, Attitude, Replication of Message and a Desire to become the Green Hero.

 They say- “You don’t need to look Green, You need to Feel Green”. They say- “Yes, I am Green Man., yes I am Green Woman”, and they appeal –“Let us Be Green Man, let us be Green Woman, Let us fight against Environment Enemies”.
Green MAN, "You don't need to wear underwear outside a trouser to be a super hero like superman, just pick up a dirt from the floor and become Green MAN and Green WOMAN"
Written- Nov 2010

Saturday, August 27, 2011

True Commitment VS Phony Commitment

  1. Commitment is when you promise to wake up early; Phony commitment is when you snooze the alarm…
  2. Commitment is when you commit to study before a month of your next exam; Phony commitment is when you commit the same again.
  3. Commitment is when you sit down on your computer to meet the deadline; Phony commitment is when you update your status “Deadline near, not in mood of meeting it”
  4. Commitment is when you commit to get rid of smoking, Phony commitment is when you whisper,” Aba last puff (this is is last puff)”
  5. Commitment is when you Promise to never break the promise, Phony Commitment is when you break it and proudly say ,”I had my fingers crossed when I took promise”
  6. Commitment is when you promise YOU AND ME Forever, Phony Commitment is when you find someone else and say “It was your fault”
  7. Commitment is when you commit to finish your homework, Phony Commitment is when you shout loud “Copy Birse Sir”
  8. Commitment is when you say I LOVE YOU, Phony commitment is when there are many YOU’s.
  9. Commitment is when you promise to begin a New Life, Phony Commitment is when you live the same and say “History repeats again”.
  10. Commitment is when you decide to break all the boundaries; Phony Commitment is when you create excuses as boundaries.
Commitment is when you accept to challenge yourself. Phony commitment is when you post pond the challenge. Commitment is when you decide to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to see a new sunshine. Phony commitment is when your decision sets before it shines. Commitment is the decision of your MIND, Phony commitment is the dominance of your HEART. Commitment is when you promise to WIN, Phony commitment is when you decide to FAIL. Phony Commitment is when the commitment not a True Commitment. A commitment is true when you commit to your soul and commit to implement the commitment. True Commitment is when you value your words more than your comfort.

True Commitment is when you- “Rub water on your face as soon as you hear your alarm”, update your facebook status “Work done before deadline, I am on top of the world”; Throw away the cigarette and say that was the last puff

True Commitment is when you WIN over yourself and taste the FREEDOM. True Commitment is when you give value to your word and create a bigger space within. True Commitment is when you commit not only for the sake of commitment but for the sake of implementation.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Philosophy of Seeing Life

Philosophy of Seeing Life

Wise people have said- the world lies in the eyes of the viewer. Yes indeed, the world is how you want to make it. Some people find solution in every problem whereas some other see problem in every solution. Some smile in every worst situation whereas some other regret in every happy moment.
It is you who decide who you are, how you are and what you are. It is you who decides how you live your life. It is you who decides how you see your life. But your decision of seeing life gradually changes with your experience, knowledge and wisdom. In the course of life time your decision might be guided by the dominance of any of the following philosophies or summation of these. The three philosophies are SEEING LIFE- HOW YOU WANT TO SEE IT, HOW YOU NEED TO SEE IT or HOW OTHERS WANT YOU TO SEE IT.

As the time passes by, the age begins to dissolve us; we sense changes on our perspective. The first philosophy is the Childhood days of seeing life that is seeing the world how you want to see it. Children’s, they live their life how they want to not how their environment wants them to. I remember my childhood days when I always tried touching candle fire, slept late until sun gets perpendicular to my head, cried loud if I hated to smile, urinated on my bed if I felt lazy walking up to the toilet. I lived my life the way I wanted to live. I am aware of the fact that my childhood days were not different, I lived my life the same way you lived your life when you were a child. Be it a crush with someone, dress code in party, game of marble in muddy street, climbing of tree, running in stormy rain or shouting with friends- seeing the world how you want to see it is listening to threshold of your heart and living your moment. This is the reason why people say childhood days are the happiest days ever, school days are memorable forever.

As the time passes by, as the age begins to dissolve us, as we start understanding the diplomacy of life. We slowly and gradually shift to the second philosophy that is High School of seeing life which describes seeing life how you need to see it. I stopped touching candle fire the day my hand get burnt, my eyes were compelled to break my morning dreams as I joined the morning classes, The same person who read the beauty of life now reads book for distinction. The same person who proudly said I AM NEPALI is now in the queue of American Embassy. The same volunteer of the country now fights for good salary carrying qualifications on his hand. Be it a tendency of finding your partner because you do not have one or battle for good Grades, installing an opportunistic attitude or developing public relation for better future- seeing our life the way we need to see it is the listening to our mind for a better future. Here the same person, who lived his life to live every moment lively now starts living his life to live wisely. Life is no more how you desire; it is how you need to desire.

As the time passes by, as the age begins to dissolve us, as we start understanding the diplomacy of life- as we pass our High School, now we are promoted into the next demotion of life that is the University of seeing life. In this University you learn to see the world how the world wants you to see it. The same person who cried to forget his sorrows now stops crying because he has now become a big man; and big man does not cry.  The same person who danced on the streets, played with the rain and sang on the bathroom now learns to drown his desires into vain because of the fear of being called a mad guy. He now sees the world from the eye of 6 billion people. Here you are no more director of your life instead a cheap actor of other’s opinion.

This University not just teaches us the diplomacy of life but also to create barriers on our freedom. The graduation ceremony is huge and ever remembered. Graduation party comes with nostalgia of Childhood day’s philosophy and ends with regrets of joining this University. Yes, this University gives us a new qualification of experience but I complain the course of study that does not teach us the way of crossing these barriers of happiness. The fear of taking risk, the fear of embracement, the fear of being victimized and the fear of living life with tears gives us the scholarship to this University of seeing life. I am afraid if I am slowly getting admitted to this University of seeing life. I wish if I drop out before I learn this diplomacy of seeing life.

I wish if I could always see my life the way I want to see it, to some extent the way I need to see it and to least extent the way how other’s want me to see it.

Saunak Bhatta (Saunak Sparks)
Youth Activist.
 8th May, 2011