Sunday, May 8, 2011

Philosophy of Seeing Life

Philosophy of Seeing Life

Wise people have said- the world lies in the eyes of the viewer. Yes indeed, the world is how you want to make it. Some people find solution in every problem whereas some other see problem in every solution. Some smile in every worst situation whereas some other regret in every happy moment.
It is you who decide who you are, how you are and what you are. It is you who decides how you live your life. It is you who decides how you see your life. But your decision of seeing life gradually changes with your experience, knowledge and wisdom. In the course of life time your decision might be guided by the dominance of any of the following philosophies or summation of these. The three philosophies are SEEING LIFE- HOW YOU WANT TO SEE IT, HOW YOU NEED TO SEE IT or HOW OTHERS WANT YOU TO SEE IT.

As the time passes by, the age begins to dissolve us; we sense changes on our perspective. The first philosophy is the Childhood days of seeing life that is seeing the world how you want to see it. Children’s, they live their life how they want to not how their environment wants them to. I remember my childhood days when I always tried touching candle fire, slept late until sun gets perpendicular to my head, cried loud if I hated to smile, urinated on my bed if I felt lazy walking up to the toilet. I lived my life the way I wanted to live. I am aware of the fact that my childhood days were not different, I lived my life the same way you lived your life when you were a child. Be it a crush with someone, dress code in party, game of marble in muddy street, climbing of tree, running in stormy rain or shouting with friends- seeing the world how you want to see it is listening to threshold of your heart and living your moment. This is the reason why people say childhood days are the happiest days ever, school days are memorable forever.

As the time passes by, as the age begins to dissolve us, as we start understanding the diplomacy of life. We slowly and gradually shift to the second philosophy that is High School of seeing life which describes seeing life how you need to see it. I stopped touching candle fire the day my hand get burnt, my eyes were compelled to break my morning dreams as I joined the morning classes, The same person who read the beauty of life now reads book for distinction. The same person who proudly said I AM NEPALI is now in the queue of American Embassy. The same volunteer of the country now fights for good salary carrying qualifications on his hand. Be it a tendency of finding your partner because you do not have one or battle for good Grades, installing an opportunistic attitude or developing public relation for better future- seeing our life the way we need to see it is the listening to our mind for a better future. Here the same person, who lived his life to live every moment lively now starts living his life to live wisely. Life is no more how you desire; it is how you need to desire.

As the time passes by, as the age begins to dissolve us, as we start understanding the diplomacy of life- as we pass our High School, now we are promoted into the next demotion of life that is the University of seeing life. In this University you learn to see the world how the world wants you to see it. The same person who cried to forget his sorrows now stops crying because he has now become a big man; and big man does not cry.  The same person who danced on the streets, played with the rain and sang on the bathroom now learns to drown his desires into vain because of the fear of being called a mad guy. He now sees the world from the eye of 6 billion people. Here you are no more director of your life instead a cheap actor of other’s opinion.

This University not just teaches us the diplomacy of life but also to create barriers on our freedom. The graduation ceremony is huge and ever remembered. Graduation party comes with nostalgia of Childhood day’s philosophy and ends with regrets of joining this University. Yes, this University gives us a new qualification of experience but I complain the course of study that does not teach us the way of crossing these barriers of happiness. The fear of taking risk, the fear of embracement, the fear of being victimized and the fear of living life with tears gives us the scholarship to this University of seeing life. I am afraid if I am slowly getting admitted to this University of seeing life. I wish if I drop out before I learn this diplomacy of seeing life.

I wish if I could always see my life the way I want to see it, to some extent the way I need to see it and to least extent the way how other’s want me to see it.

Saunak Bhatta (Saunak Sparks)
Youth Activist.
 8th May, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Tryer always tried, tried despite of extreme condition or failure. He lived his life to meet his LOVE which was the most beautiful of all- SUCCESS; he believed that his true LOVE is his HAPPINESS. And the only way to meet his LOVE was building of a pyramid with a sparkling diamond on its top. Hence, his destiny was the pyramid and so he died hard for its completion. Every day he started early with a wish to see it erect. He continued plotting bricks after bricks on the bricks and above the bricks the whole afternoon. But at the end of the day as he put the diamond on its top, the whole pyramid would fall. Every day the pyramid fell and every day appeared THORNY FAILURE.
Tryer hated FAILURE; he never wanted to see it. It was the uninvited guest that always blocked his way from SUCCESS. Tryer always shouted and asked FAILURE to never ever meet him again.  But Pyramid fell every day, FAILURE appeared every day, and it wanted to speak something every day, “You monster, what do you want from me? Get lost forever.” the same dialogue each day and the same routine every day.
After 24th attempt, Tryer left his hopes killed his dreams- all because he hated FAILURE and never wanted to see it again.
One day, Tryer saw Failure on his dream. It again tried to say something but as it opened its mouth he screamed of his nightmare. The next morning Tryer found a letter over his pillow. The letter contained the following magical questions-
“WHAT is SUCCESS? WHERE is SUCCESS? WHEN to get SUCCESS? WHY not SUCCESS? And HOW to get SUCCESS? - your well wisher”
The questions were very striking and so it buzzed on his mind every second. The whole day it kept him puzzled. In order to find the answers he went to the fallen pyramid the same evening with the questions. He then brainstormed on each question and every step of making of pyramid. His answers to every question brought him closer to SUCCESS. The first three questions made him clear about his vision, his objective and right timing to action. Similarly, the last two questions showed his weaknesses and paved methodology to achieve success. He finally explored that it was the weak base that was unable to resist extra weight of the very small diamond. In this way he finally discovered the reason for his breaking dreams, the reason why he was unable to meet SUCCESS.
The next morning, he started his work again. This time he put two extra bricks on the base. After the completion of the pyramid with lot nervousness as he placed the diamond on its top- it stood erect- DID NOT FALL. With HAPPINESS he exclaimed. Finally his dreams turned into reality; finally he could meet his TRUE LOVE. And there emerged the shining, charming SUCCESS instead of thorny FAILURE. Tryer was HAPPY; happy to see the beautiful creature.

He asked SUCCES “Where were you success? I searched you so much”, SUCCESS replied “I was always there with you Tryer, beside failure. It is just that you could not see me.
 He asked again “Why did not I get you early then?” SUCCESS replied, “You were strong but not stronger enough to get me. Every time you tried with dedication but without past lessons Tryer.
Tryer was amused, with amusement asked again “I cannot understand you. If it is so then how did I get you in 25th attempt”, with smile SUCCESS replied “At 25th attempt you became capable enough to deserve me. You reached me when you explored your weakness, accepted it and finally overcome. Moreover, you reached me when you understood the message of FAILURE. FAILURE showed you the way to SUCCESS Tryer. FAILURE always came to tell you the secret pathway to SUCCESS

“Failure showed me the way?? Come on, are you kidding me. It always distracted me from your, i.e. SUCCESS”-
 Like Anura told on her status –
“Everyone wants HAPPINESS
No one wants PAIN
But you can’t have a rainbow
 Without little rain.”
 In the same way Tryer, you cannot achieve SUCCESS without passing through FAILURE. Failure answers the five questions of SUCCESS- it tells you –“WHAT is SUCCESS? WHERE is SUCCESS? WHEN to get SUCCESS? WHY not SUCCESS? And HOW to get SUCCESS?” These are the magical questions that you were asked through a letter and it was written by FAILURE. It is not you who explored the answers but is your continuous FAILURE that gave the answers. And the answers give the secret pathway to SUCCESS.
“But, but it always hurt me- it always came with sadness and went with tears”
Failure never hurt you; you got hurt by not facing FAILURE. FAILURE loves you the most Tryer. I am not your LOVE but FAILURE is. It is FAILURE that always comes to make you stronger, sharper, gives you experience and shows you the way to happiness. Yes FAILURE looks thorny, it is ugly- but it is the LOVE that always wants your good. Yes, FAILURE comes with SADNESS but it goes with a lifelong lessons.
“Do you mean FAILURE loves me?”
Yes Tryer, Failure is your LOVE. It always wanted you to meet me so that you could be HAPPY. When you accept love you get happiness, in the same way as you accept failure you get success and that is what happiness is all about. I give you happiness but FAILUE has given you the way to happiness, and way to happiness is LOVE.  I am not different from failure- it is path and I am goal. Failure is LOVE and SUCCESS is its achievement.
TRYER bowed his head and cried out loud, he then realized-
  1. How important FAILURE was for SUCCESS. He realized, it was FAILURE that asked him the question and gave the answers- the answers that revealed the secret pathway to SUCCESS.
  2. Water is valueless without Thirst- and so is SUCCESS without FAILURE. It is FAILURE that tells you the importance of SUCCESS.
  3. He realized that LOVE was not Happiness but it was the way to happiness and so was FAILURE way to SUCCESS. The more you LOVE the more you are HAPPY- in the same way “The more you FAIL, the more close to SUCCESS”.
  4. Failures are ugly, they are thorny. As we misinterpret the message, it gives tears, sadness, hopelessness, embarrassment and frustration. Failure distracts from trying but the tragedy of failure is when you stop trying.
  5. If you do not understand the message, both FAILURE and LOVE fails each time, embarrasses you each time and kills you every time but as you decode the message you are gifted with wisdom, strength, lessons, enlightenment and most important of all: SUCCESS - HAPPINESS..
SUCCESS- “Many do not try because they fear failure. Some try, meet failure so never try again. Few try again despite failure but fail again. But Success comes to those rare who learn lessons from FAILURE, and never stop trying. The real FAILURE is when you stop trying.
The real failure is when you stop trying