Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When your HEART STARTS BEATING with DESPERATION, then only thing that can stop you is NOTHING…

When you are desperate about your mission. When you gaze focused on your dream. When you are determined to multiply your mileage, when your first priority bounces as the only priority, when you can commit to sacrifice any treasure or gather guts of accept any challenge to achieve your destiny,  when you feel abundance enthusiasm to pursue your goal, when you hear the sound of success calling your name, when your heart beat synchronizes with your vision, when you dream your dream both while you open and while you close your eyes and when you stop complaining about situation and start to move forward to transform your dreams into reality, then the only thing that can stop you is - "NOTHING…."
DESPERATION is a true energy of success. It is an inner INSPIRATION that creates momentum within the soul. But beware my friends, it is also a potential challenge, it takes your sleep away, kills your various daily routines, gets you into thundering risks, drowns your relations or academics, drives you into thousand failures, forces you to take short cuts, gets your hand into troubles, sometimes it even invites frustration and brings rain drop of regrets. Most important of all, desperation gives you a new life. Sometimes a New life of an optimistic soul, some other times a new life of depressed personality which you never wanted to be.
The major challenge is to continue desperation with optimism. Be it the desperation of getting high grades, or of driving a Mercedes, desperation of eating a chocolate or watching finals of Olympic, speaking out your words or updating facebook status, earning a million dollar or living with name and fame, travelling throughout the globe or  getting high position job, marrying an idol person, rocking a street concert, achieving your mission or desperation of highlighting your passion as career, be it desperation of ten years from now or desperation of now. When we are young, our young blood often demands short cuts to satisfy our desperation, this desire of short cut sometimes turns our pathway to immovable failure, some other times drowns us into frustration. The tragedy is when we are not able to tolerate the ever growing pressure of society and shift from our inner desire.
The ever existing challenge is sticking to your dream and being desperate about your desperation. The summation of desperation with long lasting optimism brings your dreams into reality, if not today then tomorrow. Inner Desperation is indeed an inner inspiration, a core treasure of motivation that donot let you permanently down, until you actually see your dreams in real. Continue to live your life with a mission or with an inner desire of achievement. And remember, When YOUR HEART STARTS BEATING with DESPERATION, OPTIMISM and STEPS forward, the only thing that can stop you is "NOTHING…"