Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warrior of Life

They laughed at his face
Took off his crown
Cut his hands
And shot him down

His blood was shattered
Soul horrified
Slash into pieces
Dead, No sign of life…

The end of the battle
Victory is laid
Dreams are crushed
The warriors dead

He had lost the battle
Was shame of his face
He woke up in Heaven
Desired for Hell!!!

(Warrior says)
Oo almighty, why am I here?
I deserve no good, send me to Hell
I am a loser, failure, couldn’t save my people’s life
I deserve no Heaven, it’s for warrior of life..

God Replies,
O my Son, you are the greatness guide
Inspiration to man kind
A True Warrior of Life

You lived your life with head a held high
Walked your race on a legendary ride
No matter you died, you fought your last breath...
We are proud of you son, you’re a warrior of life…

Failure is not when you fail to achieve
Failure is when you don’t even try
Winners are those, who score the Goal
But there is Greatness when you give all your soul

There are mistakes, and tears are shed
There are failures and regrets are made
There are misfortunes and fear is seen
It’s all because you are a human being.

Even Greatest of all have lost their fight
What matters the most
Is the courage to ignite..
There is nothing wrong in losing a game
Ask yourself, if you stood back again???

There was moment when you could have run
Run away and saved your life
Run apart and lived with joy
But voice of your heart, chose a different way
The way of excellence to continue to fight
The way of greatness to fight till the night
That way leads us to heaven my son
That choice makes you, true warrior of life…

At the end,
We are no same; we are from different walk of life
But the story belongs to all human kind
What common we have is the choice of our life
The choice of comfort or be warrior of life..

Not all warriors win the fight
But true warriors fight all the night
True warriors fight all the night...