Friday, November 30, 2012


An Indian saint met an old Chinese man of 90, very close to his death but was practicing hard to learn Japanese language. With amusement the Indian saint asked, “Close is the moment of your death why are you learning a new language which is not so easy”, he replied, “What has death to do with my learning, I shall be learning until I die, that is life”

One of the biggest secret of inner peace and happiness is PROGRESS..

 Human beings have this natural desire of being better, better than themselves. While human civilization have been fighting the war of inter competition there lay a tough battle of intra competition; the battle with our own self, the burning desire of being better, of being sharper and ambition of improvisation. The night I get the best sleep is the day I when I do most of my progress, learn something of my interest and move a step ahead on my dreams. There lies maximum dissatisfaction in job where people do the same work in the same routine in the same time from 10-5, there is dissatisfaction because there is no progress and so the desire of being better remains suppressed, this suppression creates eruption of dissatisfaction.

Progress for guitarist is learning a new chord, for a dancer it is learning a new step, for a academician it is developing a new theory, for a teacher it is increase in pass percentage, for a student it is completion of assignment and increase in grades, for an activist it is a stronger advocacy. Progress is simply being better than what we were, it is the creation of new me, a better me. 

Equation of progress-
Saunak+ 1 (progress)= Better Saunak; Better Saunak= Saunak with inner peace; Saunak with inner peace= Saunak.
i.e. Saunak + 1= Saunak

This addition of one unit of progress does not change our originality but simply enhances our quality. The journey of this one unit of progress, many times goes through the pathway of discomfort. We might have to spend the whole day to learn a new dance step or to practice a new guitar chord, even read whole night for good grades; but across this discomfort there lies extreme pleasure of being better. Some people hate the flight but enjoy the destination of Bangkok, whereas some other enjoy both the flight and the destination of Bangkok. The moment we learn to enjoy both the flight and the destination, progress becomes our daily routine and the routine of progress is the routine of excellence, mastery and the routine of happiness with inner peace.