Friday, January 25, 2013

If they were in school

On my neighborhood, my eyes went to a group of small kids of 9 playing with woods. 10 minutes from then, the woods had been turned into a beautiful house. I asked what were they doing, and they say they are making their house. Then I asked them, don’t they have to go to their school? They say it is their holiday. This answer of theirs splashed me with a question, “Would they do the same if they were in school?”

What would they be doing if they were in school? Keeping some random guesses- attempting diverse excuses for not completing their assignments, mugging up dates of some great inventions, shaking their heads chanting “yes sir, yes sir” on every statement heard, being punished for feeling monotonous in classroom, jotting down mathematical answers or copying every statements from the white board be it true, false or list of expired information.

 Most important of all, undoubtedly they would be in the process of being educated if they were in school, in the highway of their brighter future, chained in the barriers of theories, mugging up the history with an assumption of achieving better tomorrow by destroying their today. They would be internalizing that they are student first and only then children’s; fighter of job in the future but never a human. Life is meant to survive with seriousness but never to explore with curiosity. There is no way sun goes round the moon or an apple ever flies to sky. If 1 person can do a work in 10 days, it takes 5 days for 2 people to do it, no matter how strong, genius or supermanly they are. They would believe that victory is not in being better but in beating their friends which is possible when they don’t help them; Being best is scoring highest in all subject, and being worst is being best in only one. Thinking out of the box is being mischievous; thinking with the book is pursuit of brilliance. And when the kids are in the examination hall, they can be sure; these three hours are stars of their life, since it will determine their impression in the market and forecast their future. Most important of all, what they are doing in their holiday, building up creative designs out of woods, is worthless and impossible at this age, they need to study 12 years more and become engineers to do what they are doing now.

From hairstyle, assignments, answers, geniuses and even uniqueness, every trait is meant to be the same to be upgraded, if not you are tagged failure and deserve trying one more year. Coz this system believes “The one who follows succeeds, the who takes new lead fails and is to be punished”
Invention, innovation, exploration have always been soul of civilization, the misfortune, our education, our fortune teller have been a parasite designed to discourage the unimaginable possibility of human imagination.

Would they do the same if they were in school? No sir, not the same but the same which we have been doing since years on our schools. They may call it education; I call it creativity execution, that is what happens in school
What if they were not in school? They would not be doing what they were taught to be done, but what came from within and meant to be done.