Friday, November 25, 2011

Green MAN & Green WOMAN "All we need is a Magical CARD"

The answer is No. No, they don’t have wings, they do not have supernatural power, and they don’t have Green hair. But still the answer is YES, Yes people say they are Green Man. Woman. 

People say, they come and go. Come with desire and go with purity of environment.People say they are Green Man Woman because they have the Magical G. CARD- Green Commitments, Green Attitude, they REPLICATE Green Message, and they have Green DESIRES. They have a Team of Green Man. Woman, they say it is GREEN MAN. WOMAN   ARMY and this force of ARMY fight against Environment Enemies to purify our surrounding.

Why We Need Green Man. Woman?
We need fighters when we have enemies. And we need the army of Green Man. Woman because there are Environment Enemies.

Now the question is – WHAT ARE ENEMIES?
 As we close our eyes for 5 minutes and imagine present situation of Greenery in and around New Road or Putalisadak, what do we see? And the million dollar answer is- WE see NOTHING GREEN, all we see is pollutants (Green House Gases), pollution, week long tons of garbage’s, rubbish plastics, tree less streets and summarizing all- we see ENEMIES.
In the context of Global scenario, our climate is changing every moment, the world is warming every second- and the consequences are droughts, sea level rise, change in rain pattern, hurricane, Melting of Glaciers,  and more over degradation of our quality of life- All because of ENEMIES, the Environment Enemies       And like in Hollywood we need Heroes to fight back with these Enemies; we need the army of Green Man. Woman to purify these enemies

The arm force of Green Man. Woman is increasing everyday; moment after moment, and they are now in many corners of Kathmandu, purifying the environment. They walk in their JUTE SACK dress which reflects the message of using JUTE bag instead of Plastics with Green Colored face, they walk by foot most of the time whereas sometimes on their cycle.   They are found engaged in innovative and crazy activities to aware people. They sometime gift people with JUTE bag sometimes clean the streets, and even advocate people become Green Man. Woman, they occasionally gift rubbish papers to those who throw it in the streets, they even greet cyclist with gifts, and they shout loud Greenery Slogans and sing songs in the streets to create environment friendly status. They use their energy to energize people become GREEN.

 How to Become Green MAN & WOMAN?
We don’t need supernatural power to become Green Man. Woman. All we need is a Magical CARD- Commitment, Attitude, Replication of Message and a Desire to become the Green Hero.

 They say- “You don’t need to look Green, You need to Feel Green”. They say- “Yes, I am Green Man., yes I am Green Woman”, and they appeal –“Let us Be Green Man, let us be Green Woman, Let us fight against Environment Enemies”.
Green MAN, "You don't need to wear underwear outside a trouser to be a super hero like superman, just pick up a dirt from the floor and become Green MAN and Green WOMAN"
Written- Nov 2010